November 29, 2011

Setting Up The Tree

My mom and I set up our Christmas tree on Saturday. My dad was watching Mollie at their house and brought her over when we were all done to surprise her with the tree! Up until then, I think she thought these two decorative trees that I have on our kitchen table were our Christmas trees, so as soon as she caught a glimpse of the real one, she said, "It's big!"
We sat down to eat supper a little later. As my dad was saying the prayer, he thanked God for several things  and Mollie interrupted with, "and thank you for the Christmas tree!" 

My mom and I (and Delia) had gone to the craft fair at Colony High School earlier that day. I fell in love with this tree skirt, and my mom got it for me as an early Christmas present. I love it!!

 Here are some favorite ornaments. I've been collecting these angel ornaments every year since I was pregnant with Mollie. I had found out Mollie was a girl right before Christmas, so I picked out this one:
I got this one at an ornament exchange at MOPS last year:
I made this one for Christmas 2007, when Stu and I were dating. Mollie sees it and says, "Where's Mollie?"
My mom cross-stitched this one for Mollie's first Christmas to go with the rocking horse they gave her:

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  1. I absolutely loved this post, Caitlin!
    Thank you for all the pictures you put on here. Makes me seem not so far away from you all. Love you,