December 5, 2011

I couldn't wait to set up the Christmas tree so that I could get some pictures of the girls with some bokeh (the circles of light) created by the Christmas lights. First up was Mollie:

 Not quite what I was going for haha (but totally Mollie)!
 Then I thought maybe I'd try to get some pictures together since Delia can sit up a little bit:
 That didn't quite work out. Since Delia's not very steady sitting on her own I didn't want to move too far away so I had trouble getting them both in the shot. (I think Delia had just pooped in this one and Mollie thought it was funny):
So I tried them on their bellies. Notice the big drip of slobber?:
 This would have been cute if they were looking at the camera. You would think there was someone over to my right that they were looking at. Nope, I don't know what they were looking at!
 I liked how they were looking at eachother in this one:
Next up, my cooperative model:

 This is more of what I was going for:
 She was watching "big sister" running circles around the apartment:


  1. Hi, Caitlin,
    The expressions of Mollie in the first pictures of this post reminded me so much of you at this age. ALL the pictures are absolutely precious. Thanks for posting.

  2. These are priceless photos; to be treasured for years to come!