March 30, 2012

Art With Mollie: Chalkboard Painted Easter Eggs

We didn't decorate Easter eggs growing up, but there are so many cool egg decorating ideas out there that I thought it would be a fun tradition to try a new technique each year, especially now that Mollie is old enough to do that kind of stuff. I saw this idea on Pinterest to paint Easter eggs with chalkboard paint, and then decorate them with chalk. Just what I was looking for, a little bit non-traditional, and very kid friendly! I thought it would be even more perfect if I could find some wooden Easter eggs to use, so that they could be displayed up until Easter, and we can reuse them every year. 

Joann's had them! I think they were $5.99 for 5 eggs, but on sale for a little less. The chalkboard paint I got a few years ago at either Joann's or Walmart in the acrylic paint section.

The paint dries really fast, and after two coats they were ready. 

So fun!


  1. What a cute idea. I might have to pick up some supplies this weekend for crafting with my girls.