April 9, 2012

Circle Skirt Remix

I've mentioned Project Run & Play before, I think. It's like "Project Runway" for bloggers. Along with the designers that compete each week, they have an "at-home" competition, where readers can sew something that goes with the week's theme, and a winner is chosen by the judges each week. The theme for the first week is "Pattern Remix of Dana's Circle Skirt pattern". I don't consider myself super creative when it comes to designing children's clothes, I tend to go for more of a simple/classic look, which is great but this contest is really all about creativity. Anyway, I may not participate in any of the other weeks, but I was inspired when I saw this week's theme, and the idea for this little sundress for Mollie came to mind:
Instead of making the circle "skirt" using her waist measurement, I used her chest measurement.

This is her "sad puppy" face. She always makes it when she's pretending to be a puppy..
I cut a slit in the back of the skirt, and finished the raw edge with bias tape I made out of the gingham. I used white grosgrain ribbon as ties, and sandwiched them between the bodice and bodice lining..
For the sleeves, I cut two big semicircles, then made a casing & inserted elastic along the straight edge. The elastic cinches up the semicircle and turns it into a flutter sleeve. 

The circle skirt is so full..
..perfect for twirling!

It's hard to capture Mollie's personality through pictures, but I think these really sum her up..


  1. that is so adorable! and she is just a doll. love how you did the back of the dress.

  2. LOVE your photos! And the sundress....well, I want three!!!! LOVE it!