April 7, 2012

Homemade Easter: Mollie's "Pink Lemonade" Easter Dress

Why "pink lemonade" when it's obviously not pink? When I was ready to start sewing it together, I realized I ran out of white thread. I am way too impatient to wait until I could make a trip to Joann's for some new thread, so I used light pink instead. So if you look really closely (in real life, you probably can't tell in these pictures), you can see little bits of pink in the seams, and everytime I see it, it makes me think of pink lemonade! 

I did buy some white thread so that I could hem the dress and sew on these bows in white though..

 Mollie actually chose this fabric. I knew I wanted to use seersucker for her dress, so that it would sort of match Delia's, so the two of us went to Joann's and I showed her the little section of seersucker and told her she could pick the one she likes. Well, she originally picked a totally white one, which looked more like eyelet than seersucker, so I kind of steered her toward the stripes. I feel a little bad for not going with her initial choice, but I did get her second choice!

I was inspired by this dress, and realized I had a pattern almost identical to it, New Look 6842. Then I just added the two white grosgrain bows. 
 I get a lot of inspiration from things I find on Pinterest. I saw this dress, and loved how it used striped fabric, but had it going horizontally on the bodice and vertically on the skirt. So I did the same thing on this dress..
 Can't wait to see it on her!!


  1. You are a wonderful sewer. The dress is very cute. She will be really cute in it.
    Julie Kirn

  2. What a sweet dress and I love the yellow seersucker.