August 30, 2014

New York City: Day 2

Day two in NYC was a busy day!! I'm really amazed at how much we managed to do. In the morning, Lincoln and I went and did some top secret business (more on that in a few months), while Stu did some exploring on his own. On our way, we passed this Home Depot, which I thought was pretty funny..

We also passed the famous "flat iron" building..

Stu got a much better picture of it..

We met back up with Stu around 2, and Lincoln took a loooong nap. He was worn out from his morning adventure :) When he woke up, we decided to brave the subway system to head toward lower Manhattan. We were clueless about how to use the subway, and the website we looked at made it seem like it was very complicated. It was a little confusing, and at one point we realized we somehow got turned around and were going in the opposite direction, but thanks to Stu, we made it. 

We were headed for Katz's Deli, a very famous deli that has been in business since 1888.

They're most famous for their pastrami sandwiches. They were pricey, but WOW! I'm not a huge meat eater, but this sandwich was amazing!!

Lincoln loved the meat, and the complimentary pickles. They'll ship all kinds of things, so we had a salami sent to my parents as a thank you gift for watching the girls. 

After that, we got back on the subway, and got out on Wall Street. This part of NYC was way less crowded than the other areas we'd been, so that was a nice change. We got some Starbucks and wondered around. While walking down Wall Street, I'm almost positive that I saw Bill Nye. Whoever it was walked right past me as I stared in awe. Stu didn't see, but it had to be him, he was wearing a blue and white striped seersucker suit, and a patterned red bow tie!

We made our way down to the harbor to see the Statue of Liberty. The sun was slowly setting and it was really pretty.

Next on the to-see list was Ground Zero. We had to walk a little ways to get there.

Here is the new World Trade Center..

..and the memorial. There were two of these memorials, one on the site of each twin tower. It was pretty amazing.

The building behind Stu with the slanted ceiling is the 9/11 memorial museum.

Finally, we got back on the subway, and got off in Grand Central Station, something I was very excited to see.

Here is the only picture we have from our trip of all three of us together. After this, we walked  back to our hotel. Our feet were killing us at that point! Lincoln was such a good boy all day and was happy being carried and worn all over the city. He got a lot of attention from people on the subway, which I'm sure he loved :)

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